Maritime workers aboard ships and vessels at sea are not the only people in this industry who take big risks and find themselves injured on the job. Offshore workers also face major risks and hazards on the job

If you have been injured on an offshore job site, you need an experienced offshore lawyer to help you make your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

An offshore injury or accident could occur on offshore platforms and rigs, but it could also happen on a ship at sea

If you do qualify as a seaman, which means you spend a significant portion of your working time on a vessel in navigation, you are covered by the Jones Act.

Working offshore is dangerous and risky, and there are many different possible situations in which you could be injured or even killed. An offshore injury lawyer can help you with any of these situations.

you may have been injured in an accident that cannot be blamed for anyone’s actions. You may have been caught in bad weather aboard your ship and thrown from a staircase that was in good working order

Whether your accident occurred on a vessel out at sea or on an offshore structure, you are entitled to compensation

In too many situations in which a maritime worker is injured on the job, the employer and insurance company tries to deny any compensation or tries to offer a settlement that is too low.

This is the main reason that you need a lawyer to help you if you have been injured in an offshore accident

A lawyer will be able to help you decide which law covers you, how to file a claim, and what mistakes to avoid, such as missing the statute of limitations on filing.